Essay Sketch: Communication and Audience

Welcome to my first discussion thread! These notes and this discussion will form the basis of an essay to be published on Substack on the 20th of April 2020. Read more here, and join in the conversation (this first thread has been left open to everyone).

  • Background noise. The need to step back, the need for quiet, to sift through my thoughts.

  • Twitter (The Kilderkin Analogy).

  • Avoiding the news, only aware of what filters through the newsletters I’m subscribed to, and updates from friends and family (and the occasional, brief Twitter sojourn).

  • Does this mean I can no longer be considered informed? Is this even important?

  • Traditional and ‘non-traditional’ forms of communication (noting that said forms are constantly evolving: issue with use of term ‘traditional’).

  • Who are we writing for? Which audiences do we self-select and how do we frame what we choose to communicate as a result of this?

Key Thread: constant curation. How this seeps into our lives and shapes how we engage with the world.

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