Lover of challenges, creativity, curiosities. Freelancer, manager, researcher. Folklore, place, people, identity. Some things digital, some things education.

I spend more time than is probably wise trying to rationalise my online presence and engagement across the myriad of different platforms available. I dip my toes in some, I steer clear of most. Some, I wholeheartedly adopt. Others, I leave early, disappointed. If I let myself, the more addictive facet of my personality would take over and I would spend an inordinate amount of time online, wasting time, rather than actually creating and producing All The Things. So much to do, so little time to do it in.

How I(t) Works

As She Flies, here on Substack, is where I post a monthly recap of what I’ve been up to, and share my works in progress. This space and place is deliberately intended not to be perfect, complete, for two reasons. Firstly, I enjoy the collaborative element: posting thoughts and observations, to be discussed and developed with friends and colleagues (that’s you, dear subscriber, by the way – a friend and/or colleague). Secondly, the thought that I can share things in development – even whole essays – takes the pressure off. Everything I share on Substack is, at the very least, a scrap of a thought from one of my various notebooks (virtual or otherwise). Some posts will be entire essays: but ones which I will then leave to percolate, to revisit at a later date to potentially share with the world in another format.

2020: #TakingStock

As well as my monthly updates on life in general, I am, throughout this year, working on a series of collaborative essays, under the broad banner of #TakingStock. Each month, I will post an Essay Sketch with some brief thoughts about a topic, and the following month I will share an essay further developing those thoughts. The essays themselves will be shared with all subscribers and, to simplify things for this odd little year, I’ve decided to share all Essay Sketches for collaboration with all subscribers for the time being (this may change in the future, but if you subscribe throughout 2020, you’ll be offered a forever free, full subscription to As She Flies if I later move to a paid subscription option).

Me, Elsewhere

I am other places too, should you be interested. My website hosts a sporadic blog on thoughts relating to my research interests (folklore, place); I share interesting links and excerpts from my notebooks on Ko-Fi, and; I write all manner of things (including updates regarding my ridiculous family) on ShiverWriggle*. I also tweet occasionally, or not-so-occasionally, as the mood and current priorities take me.

*Currently on hiatus, ShiverWriggle will be lurching into motion again on the 3rd August 2020.